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The Business Energy Use Survey is a yearly inspection together directed by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) gathering evidence about the energy use by businesses in Ireland under Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council of 22 October 2008.
The 2014 survey is together directed by the CSO and the SEAI for the determination of approximating total energy ingesting and cost in the Manufacturing, Structure and Nominated Facilities sector of the Irish economy in 2013, in order to estimate Ireland’s Energy Balance, and to obey with Ireland’s obligatory reporting of Energy Statistics under EU Regulation.
The BEU 2013 Survey examples enterprises with ten or more persons betrothed in the designated NACE groups as comprised in the table below. The CSO and the SEAI will together demeanor a postal and online survey in March 2014. A total of 4,921 survey forms will be delivered to the sampled enterprises from the CSO’s Business Register.
Nace Rev. 2
Sectors and Divisions Description
B Mining and Quarrying
C Manufacturing
F Construction
G Wholesale & retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
H Transportation and storage
I Accommodation and food service activities
J Information and communication
K Financial and insurance activities
L Real Estate Activities
M Professional, scientific and technical activities
N Administrative and support service activities
R Arts, entertainment and recreation
S Other service activities

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