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Shipping & Returns level delivery and courier services.
For standard shipping, we ship your package from Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Post DHL, it takes about 10-20 days. Courier, our ship by DHL, EMS, FedEx, it takes about 3-7 business days.
Depending on the purpose of your order and choose the most suitable mode of transport orders.

I received the tracking number of my order?
Orders are dispatched daily from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. The orders within 5-7 business days normal delivery time, if the sale of certain products, which will take 7-9 days to arrange matters. A confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to you after your order has been shipped, you can track your order online.

I have to pay tax on this my products?
When sending product customer bought are considered the importer responsible for all taxes, duties, goods and services tax (GSTs), tax (VAT) or charges of similar customs-related value added. There are costs associated with custom products, there is no guarantee or estimate. For more information, please contact your local office.

If you try to deliver my order, what will happen?
If the order can not be delivered to the customer, successful sent back Therefore, it can not deliver the product, including transport unsuccessfully attempted an incorrect shipping address (for example, the recipient is not available) or a statement.

In this case, we will inform the customer via e-mail upon receipt of payment Delivery Protocol reload. All costs associated with our regular transport itself, but initial orders qualify for free shipping.

What is your return policy? committed to providing the highest quality products and services to all customers. If you are not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, we actively back guarantee the total price 14 days money if the goods do not need.

We are happy to accept returns or defective. Send us an e-mail. He returned after 7 days of receipt of notice also showed that the replacement or refund.
Exchange and replacement, as the case may be.
In return shipment, the parcel is your responsibility to us. This means they are responsible for postage to return the package.
If the implementation of the project due to improper, customers can benefit from our free exchange DPD. Customers can attend our free Collect Plus screen this service. They will be refunded international orders, if not more than the cost, we can send a minimum amount of data. Please contact us for more information. Our goal is to take 3-5 days for the processing of all refunds, consider the benefits that we receive daily.
Please note that we can not process your application until we receive, it may take several days, depending on the operator. You will need your patience until you confirm the request for reimbursement and / or e-mail exchange that you have received. not responsible for damage to or loss of use of this website generated.